To the sound trip
The new era of true wireless earphone
  • The most significant advanced model of NT01 series

    「NUARL NT01AX HDSS TRUE WIRELESS STEREO EARPHONES」adopted new technology 「QCC3026」by Qualcomm inc. We improved communication performance, sound quality and long time playback which were the common problem to true wireless earphones, and moreover, they are the true wireless earphones of the new era of a fusion of wireless and sound technology which NUARL is good at.

    Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Resistant to sound drop-out

    By combination of newest Bluetooth 5 SoC「QCC3026」of Qualcomm inc. and original MCA(Mutual Coupling Antenna)technology, we realized high connection stability.

    Compared to past true wireless earphones, they are dramatically resistant to sound drop-out.

  • Continuous 10 hours long playback time

    We realized more than 10 hours long playback time even with a single earphones.

    Furthermore, by roll swapping function, they automatically switch the one which has more battery to the master earphone to prevent one side battery loss, and realizes longer playback time.

  • Compatible with Qualcomm® aptX™ audio

    By using smartphone or digital audio player with aptX codec, you can enjoy less delay and high sound quality playback.

    Even your smartphone doesn’t contain aptX, by sound quality tuning with newest Qualcomm Kalimba DSP you can enjoy without lower sound quality by codec difference.

  • Adopting graphen driver and HDSS

    Adopted a full dynamic range single driver, which is excellent to reproducibility and responsiveness of high range, with a vibration plate which is coated by carbon material harder than diamond.

    Furthermore, by adopting patent technology that can reproduce clear and wide sound, it prevents inside-the-head localization which is common to canal type earphones and reproduce thick and wide natural sound extent.

  • Compatible with volume and next/prev control

    Operation button of earphones are compatible with smartphone remote controller.

    Music playback operation (play/pause/next/prev), volume control (UP/DOWM), and incoming call operation(response/reject/end) are available.

    It loads high sensitivity microphone, and calling and voice control and Siri/GA etc voice command are available.

  • Up to 35 hours battery life charging case

    Compact 「NT CASE2」 that is common to NT01 series can full charge empty NT01AX for 2.5 times.

    With NT01AX, you can enjoy more than 35 hours music play back.

    It is fast charging and can full charge the earphones in 1.5 hour maximum.

    They will be 2 hours battery life with 15mins charge.

    One-push button which opens the lid of the case with one hand is protected by the malfunction prevention rib so as not to accidentally open the lid when carried.

  • Compatible with both ear playback on the call

    By「Voice in the Both Ears」function, no delay will occur in both ear.

    You can use clear stereo call by adopting cVc noise cancelling function on microphone.

  • Power saving function

    The operation indicator LED turns off during playback and it will flashes during play stopped or in standby mode to prevent forgetting to turn off the power.

    Even if you forget to turn off the power, it will turn off automatically when the connection is cut.

  • Sleep mode and automatic reconnection function

    Earphones in battery case will be sleep mode automatically when they are fully charged to prevent consumption of unused battery case.

    With automatic reconnecting function, earphones in the case will be automatically turned on and be connected when the lid is opened.

  • IPX4 water resistance

    Applying IPX4 water repellent treatment by nano coating inside the earphone, it is safe to use with wet hands.

Useful unique design

Operation button are set on top side and they are easy to use with gloves on and long nails, and they don’t press the ear when you are operating the buttons.

Perfect asymmetry shape will prevent mistaking right and left even if you don’t look

  • With SpinFit earpieces

    They come with 2 types of earpiece in 3 size(S/M/L), original silicon earpiece which is optimized to HDSSand reproduce wide reality, and earpiece (CP350) for true wireless earphones by SpinFit inc. which go deep into the ear and improve the sense of closeness.

    You can use it by choosing from the wearing feeling and sound quality right after purchasing.

  • NT01AX

    HDSS® True Wireless Stereo Earphones




    battery case「NT CASE2」x1
    chagrin USB cable x1
    earpiece(Fitting Type):L/M/S x2each
    SpinFit ear piece(CP350):L/M/S x2each
    ear loop:L/S x2each
    poach x1
    user guide(Japanese, English,Chines)


    (Earphone x 1) W26.0 x H25.2 x D28.2 mm (excluding tips)
    (Recharging case) : W59.1 x H42.0 x D34.2 mm
    (earphone x1) about 5g
    (recharging case) about 35g
    Continuous Playtime
    about 10hr(SBC/AAC)about 7hr(aptX)
    Continuous Speaking Time
    about 15hr
    Recharging Time (Max)
    about 1.5hr
    Charging case capacity
    Playback up to 35hr use with charging case
    Bluetooth Spec.
    Ver.,5.0 / Class 2 /Multi-pairing(3)
    Bluetooth Profile
    Bluetooth Codec
    “Graphene” Dynamic Single φ6mm (with HDSS)
    Frequency range
    20~20,000 Hz
    Water Resistance
    equal to IPX4
    Omni-directional / cVc noise canceling installed.
    Environmental Temperature
    5-50 degrees C (without frost)