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A comfortable music life in your hand

"mini3" are compact completely wireless earbuds that are easy to use even for those with small ears.Designed to be used like an accessory, they offer a variety of the latest functions and a fit that you can choose according to your preferences, providing a comfortable and rich music life.


Small but mighty sound

Equipped with a Φ6mm dynamic full-range driver that uses high-quality Gen2 graphene*.Compared to conventional models, this new model achieves high low-frequency reproduction capability in a compact size.

*Graphenes are carbon-based materials considered to be the thinnest, toughest, and most conductive materials in the world, and are also attracting attention as materials that produce environmentally friendly energy.


Equipped with comfortable features

You can also use noise canceling that reduces noise comfortably with less pressure, external sound capture that allows you to listen to surrounding sounds while wearing earbuds, and low-latency communication regardless of the device you use.


Convenient functions are also concentrated

Touch buttons can be used to play smartphone music, adjust volume, control incoming calls, and activate voice input.It is also equipped with a microphone that improves the sound quality of calls and a "multipoint" function that allows two devices to listen in simultaneously, making it ideal for telework such as remote conferences.


Waterproof for daily use

The earbuds are water resistant equivalent to IPX4, so you can use them with wet hands without worry.

*The charging case is not waterproof.


Continuous playback for 8 hours/up to 32 hours

8 hours (ANC OFF) with earbuds alone, 6 hours continuous playback even with ANC ON. Up to 32 hours of music playback when used with the charging case.

*Continuous playback time varies depending on external factors such as the environment and volume used.


Easy pairing and stable connection

Simply take the earbuds out of the case to enter pairing mode and automatically reconnect if there is a paired device nearby.Equipped with a function to switch the connection state according to the surrounding conditions, music and calls will not be interrupted.


Hand-sized charging case

Compact enough to hold in your hand, the charging case can fully charge the earbuds three times.Made of aluminum with a beautiful finish, it prevents the earbuds from popping out or being damaged when dropped.


Can be operated by a dedicated app

Using the dedicated "NUARL Connect" app available for iOS and Android devices, the various functions of the "mini3" can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.


3 beautiful colors

Using the dedicated "NUARL Connect" app available for iOS and Android devices, the various functions of the "mini3" can be controlled remotely from a smartphone.

Contribution to society

A portion of the mini3 sales will be donated to the authorized NPO "J.POSH" to support the Pink Ribbon movement in Japan.

*The Pink Ribbon Movement is a global campaign to raise awareness and promote early detection and treatment of breast cancer.It is an activity to make people aware of the correct knowledge about breast cancer and thereby protect as many people as possible from the grief caused by breast cancer.The authorized NPO J.POSH is an organization that conducts various programs to support patients and their families in addition to educational activities.


Comfortable fit

Includes 2 types (7 sizes) of earpieces that can be selected based on fit and sound insulation. Both gentle earpieces on your ears are made of biological silicone and have antibacterial properties.

*Antibacterial refers to suppressing the growth of bacteria on the surface of the item and its parts (including materials), and does not sterilize fungi and viruses such as mold and yeast.

  • Specification


Color mini3-AW(Aurora White)
mini3-BG(Black Gold)
mini3-RG(Rose Gold)
Accessories Charging case
USB Type-C charging cable
Block Ear+6N Antibacterial Silicone Earpiece (S/MS/M/L) x 2 each
Block Ear+4 Antibacterial Silicone Earpiece (S/M/L) x 2 each
Quick Guide
User's Guide User's Guide(PDF)
Earbud:W26 x H17 x D23 mm
Charging case:W62 x H34 x D27mm
Earbud: approx:4.5g
Charging case:36.0g
Continuous playtime(Max)
8.0 hrs --- ANC OFF
6.0 hrs --- ANC ON
Max playtime
32 hrs(combination with charging case)
Recharging time
Earbud:1.5 hrs
aptX adaptive/aptX/AAC/SBC
Φ6mm Gen2 Graphenes diaphragm dynamic type “NUARL DRIVER”
Calls x2 (FF ANC/ambient sound combined)