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Universal earphones beyond custom

Overture is a Hi-Res earphone that allows you to customize NUARL's unique sound to your own tastes. It is possible to select the volume of the low range and the localization of the sound image while maintaining the high-resolution mid-high range. It also supports re-cable with Pentaconn Ear, so you can find and enjoy your favorite sound.


Fully loaded with unique technology

Equipped with "NUARL DRIVER [N10]v6" that combines a Φ10mm DLC diaphragm with a 7N OCC voice coil and a dual magnet magnetic circuit with a high-grade neodymium magnet.

The dual-chamber structure with independent air chambers in front and behind the driver reproduces a sense of low-frequency volume regardless of the size of the housing.

In addition, the original NUARL Phase Guide is mounted on the front of the driver, suppressing phase interference in the high range and achieving both low distortion and efficiency to achieve a relaxed high sound.

The world's first "Hybrid HDSS" with two 3rd generation ETL modules in the driver's rear chamber and one in the front chamber is adopted to prevent distortion at high volume and absorb incidental sound from the material to reproduce a clear and three-dimensional sound spread over the entire bandwidth.

*DLC=Diamond-Like Carbon
*7N=99.99999% purity
*OCC=Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting process
*ETL=Embedded Transmission Line
*HDSS®=High Definition Sound Standard


Thorough commitment to sound quality

The driver is aged for 100 hours before installation to stabilize mechanical property.

Brass is used for the material of the nozzle part, and the resonance point is dispersed by changing the material of the housing.

For internal wiring and cable connections, 20% silver-containing Pb-free SnAgCu (tin/silver/copper) solder made in Japan is used.

The cable has a balanced stereo connection specification that uses Φ4.4mm gold-plated 5-pole plug and 7N OCC 0.06mm/7x7 8-core silver-plated copper wire, and supports re-cable with Pentaconn Ear.

The Φ3.5mm unbalanced ⇔ Φ4.4mm balanced conversion cable also uses 7N OCC 8-core silver-plated copper wire.


Selectable voluminousness and localization

Four types of tone nozzles are included that allow adjustment of only bass tones below 500Hz by 3dB increments without affecting the sound quality of mid and high tones. Furthermore, by attaching two types of length, you can choose not only the voluminousness, but also the spread and localization of the sound.


Appointed Akihiro Momozaki (by BATTLES DESIGN) as product designer

The housing is made of stainless steel with excellent rigidity. The 5-axis CNC machining process creates a combination of complex curves that cannot be achieved by casting or forging, resulting in a unique design that suppresses resonance inside the housing and is easy to install

Includes three types of unique antibacterial earpieces

Three types of earpieces are included: “Block Ear+7” silicone earpiece, which offers both comfort and sound insulation; “Block Ear+6N” with the same structure and shape but a 1mm shorter shaft; and “Magic Ear+9”, which uses low-resilience foam for better sound insulation.

You can optimize the fit and sound insulation according to your preference.

It also comes with a convenient PU earphone case and a magnetic cable clip that can be used to bundle the earphone cable and fix the cable to your clothes.

Antibacterial refers to suppressing the growth of bacteria on the surface of the item and its parts (including materials), and does not sterilize fungi and viruses such as mold and yeast.

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Color Stainless steel silver
Accessories Φ4.4mm balanced 5-pole plug ⇔ Pentaconn Ear stereo earphone cable (130cm)
Φ3.5mm unbalanced ⇔ Φ4.4 balanced conversion cable (15cm)
Cable clip
Nozzle hole cap
Tone nozzle (4 types of short, 4 types of long *with each nozzle holder)
Block Ear+7 antibacterial silicone earpiece (L/ML/MS/S)
Block Ear+6N antibacterial silicone earpiece (L/ML/MS/S)
Magic Ear+9 antibacterial foam earpiece (L/M/S)
Semi-hard earphone case
User's Guide (Japanese/English/Chinese)
15g (earphone only, one side)
Φ10mm DLC diaphragm + 7N OCC voice coil + double neodymium magnetic circuit dynamic fullrange “NUARL DRIVER”[N10]v6
Dual Chamber Driver Modules / Phase Guide / Hybrid HDSS
Stainless steel alloy (machining process)
Frequency response
Maximum Input
7N OCC 0.06mm/7x7 8-core silver-plated copper wire (Pentaconn Ear connection)
Cable length
Φ4.4mm straight gold-plated 5-pole plug (balanced connection)


How do I install the tone nozzles?

First, remove the golden nozzle hole cap from the end of the earphone by turning it counterclockwise, then remove the tone nozzle of your choice from the nozzle holder by turning it counterclockwise in the same manner, and insert it into the earphone in a clockwise direction. Be sure to attach the nozzle firmly all the way to the end to prevent it from coming off during use.

What does the colored band at the base of the tone nozzle mean?

The tone nozzle is designed to change only low tones below 500 Hz. When the yellow (Y) of the color band is the standard, it increases by +3 dB in the order of yellow (Y) < red (R) < white (W) < black (B).

What is the difference between the two colors of tone nozzles (gold and silver)?

The silver nozzle is less than 1mm shorter than the gold nozzle. Both are made of the same brass material, and there is no change in the sound quality itself, but it is possible to change the localization of the sound image to either in-focus or out-of-focus.

What is the difference between the included earpieces?

Both Block Ear+7 and Block Ear+6N are silicon type earpieces with a difference of 1mm in length. Magic Ear+9 is a foam-type earpiece that uses low-resilience urethane with high sound insulation. Please choose according to your preference for comfort and sound insulation.

How can I distinguish between left and right earphones?

The "L" and "R" are engraved on the inside of the base of the Penraconn jack on the earphones. (the side that touches the ear)

How do I put the earphones in my ears?

Insert the earpiece into the ear hole and hang the cable from the front to the back of the ear for stability.

Can I use commercially available earphone cables for re-cabling?

Any Pentaconn connection type earphone cable can be connected.

Pentaconn connector does not lock.

The Pentaconn Ear connector does not have a locking mechanism like the MMCX, so there is no problem if it is stuck all the way through.

I lost my User's Guide.

Please download the Overture User's Guide here. (PDF)