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    NT110 Waterproof True Wireless Stereo Earphones



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Waterproof + Sweat resistant suitable for variety of sports

The earphone has high water resistance level of IPX7 and sweat resistance by using the combination of structural waterproofing and sweat filter, suitable for outdoor activities and serious athlete purpose.


High connection stability

NT110 adopted Qualcomm QCC3020 chip set which is excellent in connection stability and long playback. Compatible with aptX audio produce excellent sound quality and less delay time.


Fit for heavy athlete purpose

The ear loop is designed to fit in the earlobe, provides a stable fitting to enhance wearing stability. Wide and stepped surface prevent the ear loop from falling.


Long playback

With up to 9.5hours battery life from one charge, you can get an additional 6 recharges from the charging case. Always keep your earphones charged and ready for music for about 67hours.


Portable charging case

Charging case applied magnetic attraction to prevent the drop out of the earphones. Quick charge function by USB Type-C connection is equipped, charging case will get a fully recharge in 1.5 hours.


TWS Plus Ready

NT110 has equipped the Qualcomm's "TrueWireless Stereo Plus" which is a right-and-left independent communication technology. By using a compatible smartphone, the left and right earphones are connected to the smartphone independently, the stability of signal transmission increased and a longer playback time had been accomplished.


Heavy bass perfect for workouts

The diaphragm of the driver is coated by graphene which is a carbon material harder than diamond, adopt driver unit be committed to heavy bass music. NT110 will be Ideal for those who are looking for rhythm in fitness and heavy bass.


Corresponding to play, stop music and volume control

Earphone button corresponds to remote control your smartphone, music playlist (Play/Pause/Next track/Tune back), adjust volume, receiving calls/refusing calls/ending/voice command.

*For some of the digital audio player or smartphone, the remote control function may not operate correctly.


Power Saving function

During playback the indicator LED turns off to save power. When the earphone is placed in the charging case and got fully recharged, it will go into sleep mode to suppress the battery consumption of the charging case.


Automatic reconnection

With the automatic reconnection function, the earphone placed in the case will automatically turn off and reconnect by opening the case.


Suppress sound leakage

The long-shaped silicone earpiece with high sound insulation is also effective for preventing sound leakage. Combine with the ear loop, stable sound quality could be achieved even when moving


Original design combined with nice appearance and usability

Left and right earphones are easy to be notify by placing the logo horizontally on wearing and storage in the charging case. The uneven design of the side makes the earphone easy to be picking out from the case even without the ear loop.
The earphone is paint in two tones, even a person who has a small ear will looks smart and compact.

  • Specification
  • FAQ


Colors NT110-BK:BLACK / NT110-WH:WHITE
Accessories Charging case
Charging USB cable
Ear piece (L/M/S)
User’s Guide
about 4g(earphone x1)
about 56g(charging case)
Frequency Band
Graphene Dynamic Single Φ6mm
Earphone:3.7V/50mA(one side) Lithium Polymer Battery
Charging case:3.7V/800mA Lithium Polymer Battery
Continuous Playtime (max)
about 9.5 hrs.(SBC/AAC)/about 6.5 hrs.(aptX)
Charging case recharging times
6 times
Charging time(max)
about 1.5 hrs.
Version 5.0/Class2
aptX, AAC, SBC
Omni-directional / cVc noise canceling installed
Water Resistance Level
Warranty Period
1 year


One side no sound / One side suddenly turned off

Please place the earphone back in the charging case and take them out again.

LED flash white quickly

The earphone has been set to pairing mode. Reset the earphone can solve the problem. After resetting the earphone, the earphone will return back to the factory state. Please delete the pairing item(NUARL NT110-L / NUARL NT110-R / Headset)in the Bluetooth list on your smartphone before pairing to the smartphone again.

How to reset the earphones?

Set the earphones into the charging case, don't close the case. Press down the earphone button for about 10 seconds. Then pick out the earphone from the case, the left and right earphone will flash white and reset automatically. After the reset completed, the LED will flashing orange/white and returned to the factory state.

The earphone do not automatically turn on/off when it is take out / placed in the charging case.

When the power of the charging case is insufficient, the automatic ON/OFF function will not work properly. Please turn on/off the earphone manually.

Pairing unsuccessful

Remove the unused Bluetooth device from the Bluetooth settings page on the mobile device goint to be connected. If the earphone (NT110-L / NT110-R) do not displayed in the Bluetooth settings page, please turn the Bluetooth ON/OFF and see if it appear. The earphone can support three sets of pairing memory. When paired with the fourth mobile device, the first pairing memory will be deleted.

Continuous playback time is shorter than the one written on the manual

The continuous playback time varies depending on the environment, music, and volume of the earphone. Using aptX decoding will consume more power than using other decoding.

The sensitivity of the microphone is bad

Please adjust the position of the ear loop to ensure that the microphone did not block by the loop. The microphone will activate on the master side only, on the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone you can notice which side is master.

The function of the master and slave of the earphone has been changed every time when the earphone is turn on.

The master function of the earphone will automatically switch when it is taken out from the charging case. The side which battery level is higher will be the master and the side lower will be slave. The master side earphone will be displayed as "Connected successfully" on the Bluetooth menu of your smartphone. The automatic role switching only switch the master/slave function, the button operations of the left and right headphones will not be switched.

When pairing with computer the sound is strange.

The Bluetooth connection equipped in computer is not optimized for playing music, which will cause problems such as intermittent sound and distortion of sound easily. Moreover, the use of other Bluetooth devices such as mouse, keyboard, etc., may also cause interfere with each other. If you are using MacBook series, you can improve the connection by resetting the NVRAM (PRAM) and use AAC to connect with the earphones.

I have lost the user manual

The user manual (PDF) can be downloaded from here.