About High resolution audio

Delicate sound with depth

Sampling rate (notated with Hz) and Quantization (notated with bit):
High-resolution audio is digital audio generator capable of expressing smooth “curves” of analog soundtrack.

Audio includes larger amount of data (denser sampling), which makes the audio much more intricate than conventional audio such as CD.

Playback is extremely close to the original audio source, with even the vocal howling and characteristics of music instruments reproduced accurately.

High-resolution audioQuantized sound

  • Wavelengths of original audio

  • CD audio source

  • High-resolution audio source

High-resolution quantization means original sound sampled more often, making playback sound more detailed.

NUARL・NE110 High-resolution earphone compatible with any type of audio file

NUARL・NE110 earphones are capable of flexibly execute intricate volume and tone-color change of high-resolution audio files.

Also expressively plays back conventional audio data such as CD.
Effectively delivers characteristics of treble and bass instruments, echoes and sonority of sound even with music that uses wide range of sound.

Enjoy high quality music with high-resolution earphones

  • Wavelengths from recorded sound

    • CD music
    • MP3 music
    • Streaming music

  • Conventional earphones

    • Sound not played back correctly
    • Discontinuous

  • NUARL-NE110

    • Beautiful sound in all ranges
    • True to original sound
    • Distinct articulation